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Semiconductor Sapphire windows and High vacuum chambers

Chemically durable, high strength, high transmission sapphire windows replace quartz in demanding high vacuum applications

Gavish Sapphire Chamber windows

Sapphire windows are used in Semiconductor process chambers as well as many other high vacuum applications. Process environments using aggressive chemistries such as NF3 and CF4 rapidly erode quartz windows with the quartz surface becoming cloudy. Extended exposure can lead to more complete erosion of quartz windows to the point of failure either by full penetration or undercutting of sealing O-rings. While the service life of quartz windows can be quite limited, in many cases sapphire windows can be used indefinitely.

Gavish sapphire windows are 100%, full thickness single crystalsapphire – never a deposited coating. Typical applications use sapphire thickness ranging from 0.020” to 0.500” (0.5 to 12.7 mm) . With sapphire strength being approximately 6 times greater than quartz, Sapphire windows are typically 30 – 50% of the thickness of the quartz window they replace.

The most common sapphire chamber window thicknesses are 0.125 and 0.250” (3.18 and 6.35 mm), with diameters to 300 mm in round, square, and rectangular formats. Shapes are simple flat configurations, with some having steps, O-ring grooves, “mushroom” cross sections, or holes for mounting or probe insertions. Mounting and installation of sapphire is similar to quartz windows using O-ring seals or flange mounting.

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