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Capabilities > Sapphire Coating and Sapphire metallization

Gavish offers complete solutions adding coatings and metallization to our optical sapphire product lines. Coatings are designed to meet all customer and industry standards including BBAR, short or long pass, V or double V coating designs, reflective coatings, as well as solderable metallization.

Engineered coatings and metallization to extend and optimize sapphire performance over a broad range of applications:

  • BBAR – anti-reflective coatings on sapphire to reduce transmission loss, engineered to provide the optimum transmission in the customer's selected wavelength range
  • UV filters and UV blockers – often used for "eye-safe" protection on sapphire windows used in applications to block excess UV from being emitted from a process chamber or sensor viewport
  • Bandpass, cutoff, notch, short pass, long pass, cold and hot mirror coatings – engineered coatings on sapphire to meet specific application requirements
  • Solderable metallization on sapphire – with robust performance in creating hermetic seals of sapphire to metal in a multitude of designs

With very deep and broad experience in almost any coated or metallized sapphire application, the Gavish knowledge base allows us to create the optimum solution with rapid turnaround and full technical support.

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