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With sapphire being one of the hardest materials known, sapphire fabrication presents unique challenges.  Gavish has the expertise and equipment for the precision grinding, lapping, polishing, shaping, drilling, and threading of sapphire that enables a broad range of applications.

Examples of unique sapphire components and custom Fabricated Sapphire by Gavish

  • Threaded sapphire components – for lift pins and other applications
  • Complex geometries – unique complex shapes with precision holes and features
  • Complex geometries – thin walled showerheads including 151 holes sized and positioned to create uniform plasma flow over a wafer surface.
  • Complex geometries – delicate shapes for plasma components
  • Integrated flanges on sapphire tubes for high vacuum applications
  • Polished faces and diameters

Gavish has been the first to develop and deliver many of the most complex sapphire components used in a range of industries.  As an engineering company, we partner with our customers to develop solutions to meet their toughest application challenges.

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