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Capabilities >Sapphire Manufacturing – fabrication and sapphire polishing

With vertical integration through complete fabrication including shaping, grinding, drilling, and polishing, Gavish can offer complete customer solutions

Gavish manufacturing is completely tailored to handle the challenges involved in processing sapphire, which is one of the hardest, strongest, and mechanically/chemically durable materials known. Gavish expertise in shaping, drilling, and polishing sapphire with very high precision enables us to support a very broad range of applications from small windows to complex 3 dimensional shapes with holes, passageways, and threaded features. 

Gavish products include:

  • Sapphire windows from very small 10 mm up to 350+ mm (13.5”) with optical flatness in the fractional wave range as required
  • Precision sapphire optics for medical laser applications, imaging, and SWIR camera applications

  • Sapphire lift pins with varying lengths, simple or radiused end finish, complex shaped ends for flush mounting in wafer chucks, threaded, shaped versions

  • Optical light guides with polished diameters and ends for sensor and light transmission applications in high temperature and hostile environments

  • Sapphire tubes for plasma generation in semiconductor process equipment, thermocouple protection tubes, hostile environment applications, and UV applications for sterilization and water purification
  • Sapphire injectors – sapphire tubes with closed or precision drilled ends for plasma applications and to dose reactants into high temperature or hostile environment applications

  • Complex sapphire shapes for focus rings, sapphire plasma showerheads for plasma distribution

With sapphire experience ranging from Semiconductor, Medical, Optics, general Industrial and R&D applications, Gavish has been “hands-on” with many of the current sapphire applications worldwide. We partner with our customers to develop and support the best solutions for their application challenges.