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The broad spectral response from UV through SWIR in the 200 – 3500 nm range along with the high strength, durability, and high laser damage threshold make sapphire ideal for many high performance optical window and lens applications

Sapphire windows, sapphire lenses and sapphire coated opticssapphire optics window and sapphire components are often provided complete to customer end use specifications including specialty coatings such as BBAR, short or long pass, V or double V coating designs, as well as solderable metallization

  • Imaging arrays - these windows replace glass and typically include two side AR coatings, and solderable metallization for hermetic sealing for many visible and Short Wave Infra Red - SWIR applications
  • Sapphire Windows - scratch and explosion proof windows for flame detectors and other high performance applications
  • Vacuum chamber windows - hundreds of configurations used in Semiconductor process chambers where resistance to corrosive plasma is critical, while also providing high strength and broad spectral transmission.
  • Laser windows, cutoff filters and reflectors
  • Intense illumination - replacing glass and quartz windows and envelopes where high heat would melt other materials
  • Light guides and optical probes - for high temperature, hostile environments, and broad wavelength applications
  • Lenses and prisms - configurations such as plano/plano, plano/convex or concave, concave/convex, rod lenses and prisms fabricated per customer designs
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