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Capabilities > QA and Metrology

Gavish has a fully equipped metrology lab for complete characterization and certification of all dimensional, crystallographic, form, finish, and optical performance parameters of sapphire and the sapphire products we produce.  Our facility is ISO9001:2008 registered and compliant .

With sapphire being a high performance, highly engineered product with many demanding requirements, Gavish strongly believes that you cannot sell high performance features if you cannot measure them!   Supporting this philosophy Gavish has invested in metrology tools, equipment and facilities to support all of our products.  Specific capabilities:

  • Varian Cary 50 Spectrometer for measuring sapphire transmission & absorption from 190 to 1100 nm
  • Zygo New View – interferometric non-contact surface measurements with capability to measure sapphire surface finish and roughness down to the angstrom level

  • Zygo Verifire – non contact optical interfometer for measuring sapphire optical flatness, Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE), Power and Irregularity into the fractional wave level

  • Rigaku X-ray for sapphire crystal orientation measurements

  • Numerous optical comparators and high power imaging and microscope systems for physical measurement and inspection
  • Laser marking capability for part numbering and serialization to aid in compliance with  tracibility and tracking

  • Rigorous controls to meet all customer inspection and Certification, CofC and other requirements

Gavish not only fully controls the process from raw material through final delivery, we fully support all deliveries with inspection and certification for full compliance.


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