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Semiconductor Equipment Components > Sapphire rods & sapphire lift pins

Sapphire lift pins and guide/ alignment pins provide high mechanical strength combined with precision, stable dimensional control during long term use in high temperature chemically harsh plasma environments. 

  • Lift pins and guide/alignment pins – dramatically improves strength over quartz versions – strength 6X quartz
  • No erosion over time – dimensionally stable with dimensional precision and reproducibility within 0.0002” (5 microns)
  • Dramatic improvement in particle performance over ceramic versions
  • Versions available in straight configurations, full radiused or flat ends, or shaped ends for perfect fit in countersunk platens
  • Polished sapphire rods used as optical light guides and sensor probes – usable to temperatures above quartz devitrification limit, and in hostile chemical environments
With Gavish routinely producing thousands of lift pins and guide pins per month with diametric accuracy to 0.0005" and length incrementing at times to 0.0002", coupled with laser marking – we have the capability and capacity to support any lift pin application along with required measurements, cleaning, and certifications.
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