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Sapphire Tubes and injectors for Semiconductor applications

Sapphire components have proven to be an enabling technology - making it possible to run Semiconductor processes using chemically aggressive plasmas including NF3 andCF4 . Sapphire has replaced quartz and ceramics for sapphire plasma tubes, sapphire rods, sapphire injectors, sapphire windows, sapphire lift pins, and other sapphire components in hundreds of applications.

Sapphire tubes and Sapphire injectors for Semiconductor Process Equipment – Process environments using aggressive chemistries such as NF3 andCF4 rapidly erode quartz and ceramic components leading to high part turnover, excessive downtime for part replacement, and high particle counts. Sapphire offers extremely high purity and long life. In many cases, sapphire parts can be used indefinitely.

Sapphire Plasma tubes, gas & plasma injectors, and thermocouple protection sheaths replace quartz and ceramic. Sapphire has proven to be an enabling technology to expand the use of aggressive process chemistries not possible with quartz and ceramic components.

Sapphire tubes
  • Typical dimensions ranging from 1” to 1.5” (25 to 38 mm OD), with diameters to 3” (76 mm) and lengths to 30” (750 mm)
  • Outer diameters can be precision ground, or left with “as grown” finish
  • Inner diameter is left with “as grown” finish – which proves to be optimal in contact with plasma
Plasma and gas injector nozzles - replacing ceramic and quartz, sapphire injectors have proven to reduce particulation, increase time between PM’s, increased uptime, and reduced COO. With cleaning after PM, sapphire injectors can be re-used indefinitely – no “end of life” found in many cases.
  • Numerous configurations typically ranging from 0.3 – 0.4” inner diameter range (8 – 10 mm ID) with lengths from 1.5” up to 8” (38 to 200+ mm)
  • Versions include open ended, or with sealed/ported versions for directing plasma flow with tapered versions also available.

Thermocouple protection sheaths – replacing quartz and silicon carbide (SiC) for multi point thermocouples used in horizontal and vertical furnaces.

  • Usable to temperatures over 1800 C, sapphire thermocouple protection tubes can be used beyond the devitrification limit of quartz.
  • Sapphire is also completely pure, single crystal aluminum oxide – Al2O3, which is a true insulator and is non-porous. Sapphire does not have the outgassing, contamination, and shorting issues that often lead to early life thermocouple failures
  • The most typical versions are 0.394” OD with 0.315” ID with lengths in the 44 – 48” range. (10 mm OD x 8 mm ID x 1148 – 1200+ mm length).
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