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With high strength and durability, biocompatibility, spectral transmission from 200 – 3500 nm, and thermal conductivity 28 times higher than quartz or glass optics, sapphire is used in a range of medical and other applications combining these properties to optimize system performance.

Sapphire windows for medical lasers and Intense Pulsed light (IPL) devices

  • Skin cooling optics for cosmetic surgical lasers – with thermal conductivity 28 times higher than glass, sapphire allows for rapid skin cooling to maintain patient comfort while allowing the surgeon to reduce treatment time

    • Skin contact edges are radiused to allow the optic to glide smoothly over the skin

    • Sizes range from the very small optics used in treating delicate areas below the nose, or for the treatment of “crow’s feet” near the eyes – to the much larger, 6 side polished optics used for large treatment areas when performing hair removal procedures on the chest and back

  • Custom laser windows, filters, and mirrors – Sapphire optical windows and sapphire components are often provided complete to customer end use specifications including specialty coatings such as BBAR, short or long pass, V or double V coating designs, as well as solderable metallization.

  • Custom fabricated windows – with raised arrays or channels for custom treatment applications.

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