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Sapphire optics manufacturer

Founded in 1995

Founded in 1995 Gavish has developed into a reliable custom sapphire optics manufacturer providing high-quality engineered sapphire components with best-in-class customer service.  Gavish teams provide quick response with a can-do attitude backed by vertical integration and strict quality control.  

Gavish has the experience and expertise to support sapphire customers ranging from researcher scientists to major semiconductor, military and medical equipment OEM’s.

Synthetic Sapphire Single Crystal Transparent Al2O3 is a super-material providing Broad Spectral Transmission, High Thermal Conductivity and Strength, Scratch Resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperature and aggressive acids and chemicals.

Absolute customer focus

Supporting customers at all levels of their organization from R&D through production, scheduled, deliveries, supply chain management, and important compliance requirements

      • Quick and direct response –  if you call Gavish, we answer the phone! While many callers are often surprised to reach someone on the first attempt, Gavish has proven this to be a winning approach.
      • Rapid response to e-mail requests
      • Flexibility to work with customers within their systems. Gavish adapts to meet customer protocols and reporting requirements – custom solutions to simplify and enhance the overall relationship!

Fully integrated ISO 9001 certified and ITAR Registered supplier

From production of sapphire crystal using three methods – EFG, Kyropolus, and HDSM – combined with fabrication, polishing, metrology and certification to be your complete supplier. Gavish offers the material best suited for your application with total control from material selection through certification of performance and compliance to all requirements.



The years of combined sapphire product experience at Gavish is certainly enhanced and magnified by the range of applications we have supported through our history.

    • In contrast to supporting only a single or limited number of applications, Gavish covers hundreds of applications through many industries.
    • Gavish engineers have been directly involved in many applications where sapphire was being used for the first time ever. This experience is often leveraged to accelerate the transition to sapphire in many new applications per year.
    • Gavish engineers  partners with customer engineers on product and application development
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