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Sapphire optics manufacturer

Gavish Crystal Growth:

Differentiating Gavish from many producers using a single production method, Gavish grows sapphire using 2 methods – EFG/Stephanove and Kyropolus. This gives Gavish a broader range of material quality and form factor choices to provide a solution best matched to the customer requirements in terms of size, shape, quality and cost.

Sapphire Manufacturing
fabrication and sapphire polishing:

With vertical integration through complete fabrication including shaping, grinding, drilling, and polishing, Gavish can offer complete customer solutions Gavish manufacturing is completely tailored to handle the challenges involved in processing sapphire, which is one of the hardest, strongest, and mechanically/chemically durable materials known. Gavish expertise in shaping, drilling, and polishing sapphire with very high precision enables us to support a very broad range of applications from small windows to complex 3 dimensional shapes with holes, passageways, and threaded features. 

Gavish products include:

  • Sapphire windows from very small 4 mm up to 370 mm (~14.5”) with optical flatness in the fractional wave range as required
  • Precision sapphire optics for medical laser applications, imaging, and SWIR camera applications
  • Sapphire lift pins with varying lengths, simple or radiused end finish, complex shaped ends for flush mounting in wafer chucks, threaded, shaped versions
  • Optical light guides with polished diameters and ends for sensor and light transmission applications in high temperature and hostile environments
  • Sapphire tubes for plasma generation in semiconductor process equipment, thermocouple protection tubes, hostile environment applications, and UV applications for sterilization and water purification
  • Sapphire injectors – sapphire tubes with closed or precision drilled ends for plasma applications and to dose reactants into high temperature or hostile environment applications
  • Complex sapphire shapes for focus rings, sapphire plasma showerheads for plasma distribution

QA and Metrology:

Gavish has a fully equipped metrology lab for complete characterization and certification of all dimensional, crystallographic, form, finish, and optical performance parameters of sapphire and the sapphire products we produce.  Our facility is ISO9001:2015 registered and compliant .

With sapphire being a high performance, highly engineered product with many demanding requirements, Gavish strongly believes that you cannot sell high performance features if you cannot measure them!   Supporting this philosophy Gavish has invested in metrology tools, equipment and facilities to support all of our products.  Specific capabilities:

  • Varian Cary 50 Spectrometer for measuring sapphire transmission & absorption from 190 to 1100 nm
  • Zygo New View – interferometric non-contact surface measurements with capability to measure sapphire surface finish and roughness down to the angstrom level
  • Zygo Verifire – non contact optical interfometer for measuring sapphire optical flatness, Transmitted Wavefront Error (TWE), Power and Irregularity into the fractional wave level
  • Numerous optical comparators and high power imaging and microscope systems for physical measurement and inspection
  • Rigorous controls to meet all customer inspection and Certification, COC and other requirements
  • Keyence- a visual inspection system that performs measurements in place of optical comparators, calipers/micrometers, measuring microscopes, and optical CMMs

Gavish not only fully controls the process from raw material through final delivery, we fully support all deliveries with inspection and certification for full compliance


Sapphire Laser marking, Cleaning and Packaging:


Gavish systems are fully in place to support our sapphire customers in the Semiconductor industry with full CE (Copy Exact) compliance including cleaning, labeling, and packaging to meet industry Class 1000 and better requirements. 
Gavish supports customer reviews and audits as required. Services subcontracted to approved OEM cleaning/packaging suppliers are also routinely audited for full compliance. 

With over 25 years supporting the Semiconductor industry with a range of sapphire products, Gavish systems have evolved to consistently meet the ever changing requirements for cleaning and packaging.

Sapphire Coating and Sapphire metallization:

Gavish offers complete solutions adding coatings and metallization to our optical sapphire product lines. Coatings are designed to meet all customer and industry standards including BBAR, short or long pass, V or double V coating designs, reflective coatings, as well as solderable metallization.

  • Engineered coatings and metallization to extend and optimize sapphire performance over a broad range of applications:

    • BBAR – anti-reflective coatings on sapphire to reduce transmission loss, engineered to provide the optimum transmission in the customer’s selected wavelength range
    • UV filters and UV blockers – often used for “eye-safe” protection on sapphire windows used in applications to block excess UV from being emitted from a process chamber or sensor viewport
    • Bandpass, cutoff, notch, short pass, long pass, cold and hot mirror coatings – engineered coatings on sapphire to meet specific application requirements
    • Solderable metallization on sapphire – with robust performance in creating hermetic seals of sapphire to metal in a multitude of designs

    With very deep and broad experience in almost any coated or metallized sapphire application, the Gavish knowledge base allows us to create the optimum solution with rapid turnaround and full technical support.

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