Sapphire tubes and Sapphire injectors for Semiconductor Process Equipment and other based on customer applications


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using aggressive gases or chemistries such as NF3 andCF4 rapidly erode quartz and ceramic components leading to high part turnover, excessive downtime for part replacement, and high particle counts. Sapphire is acid-insoluble to hydrofluoric acid, fluorine or aggressive gases, offers extremely high purity and long life, corrosion and abrasive resistant material with superior dielectric and thermos conductive features to 2000ºC. In many applications, sapphire presents more sable and beneficial properties vs quartz or ceramics materials. .

Sapphire tubes

Spray injector nozzles

Sapphire material is one of the hardest materials available for use in the spray nozzle business replacing ceramic, quartz, and metals. Sapphire spray nozzles provide effective use preventive erosion resulting effect of deterioration of the spray quality. Sapphire spray nozzles offer high wear resistance, giving a more consistent spray performance and excellent spray quality over a longer period reducing maintenance time and increasing uptime respectively.

Thermocouple protection sheaths

replacing quartz and silicon carbide (SiC) for multi-point thermocouples used in horizontal and vertical furnaces.

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